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Natural sites


Things to know :

Isolated farms can be found in the middle of the « Combes ». In the past, during winter, people would distill “Gentian” on windy days because the access roads where not usable and police controls impossible.

The advice from our Tourism Office :

While hiking on these trails, please make sure to have good walking shoes and stay on the way marked paths in order to respect wildlife and flora.


Whatever the season, here is a suggestion of the most important natural sites that you will be able to admire during your stay in the “Haut-Jura”:

Lakes :

Altitude lakes and their peat bogs:

The Haut Jura is full of small natural lakes, created by the glacial erosion. You could catch a glimpse of these lakes at the bend of a road, a path or a hiking trail. Haut Jura lakes are surrounded by humid environments in which you can notice a very specific vegetation called “Tourbière” (peat bog). In Bellefontaine, you will be able to see theses particular specifications while hiking on the trails "Le tour des lacs" or "La roche Bernard".

  • Lakes of “Bellefontaine” and “Les Mortes” : protected “Natura 2000” site, surrounded by a peat bog with a Boreo-Artic vegetation.
  • Lake of “Les Rousses” : you can see the peat bog thanks to a duckboard path
  • Lake of “Lamoura” : in its specific valley, you can go all around the lake with a theme trail

Waterfalls :

  • “Pissevieille” waterfalls in “Longchaumois” :located in the “Bienne” valley, this waterfall is accessible by a way marked footpath. We advise you to come a few days right after big rainfalls or when the snow melts. You will also find natural specificities called “Les marmites” (potholes).
  • “Herisson” waterfalls : 30 minutes away from Morez, one of the best natural sites of Jura. A way marked footpath follows the “Hérisson” river and allows you to enjoy the 7 waterfalls all along the hike. At the lowest point, “La Maison des Cascades” (the waterfalls house) will teach you more about this site in a fun way.

The “Bienne” Valley:

  • La Bienne is the river crossing through Morez and explaining the construction of the city right here. It begins at “Bief de la Chaille” on “Les Rousses” territory and goes to « L’Ain », affluent of « Le Rhône », south of the region
  • Le circuit de découverte de l'émail in Morez(the enamel discovery path) in Morez partly runs along this river. .
  • Starting from « Morez-bas », the old road going to « Lézat » winds its way between the river on one side and the viaducts of the Widow railroad on the other side. This tar road is forbidden to vehicles on weekends and then becomes a great path to go walking or biking.
  • From “Longchaumois”, “Le belvedere de la Corbière” (La Corbière viewpoint) offers a wonderful view above the “Bienne” valley.

High forests :

  • “La forêt du Risoux” (the “Risoux” forest) is emblematic and full of firs and spruces, viewpoints and shelters. It is on the edge of the Switzerland border and therefore you can find border stones along some paths, most of those being old smugglers trails. It is possible to discover most of this forest on a day hike thanks to a way marked trail.
  • “Le tour de la Chaux Mourant” follows the so named forest in between Morbier and Bellefontaine territories. Our mountain is very rich in wildlife and flora and you can have a chance to see chamois or even lynx or capercaillie for the luckiest.

Les combes :

  • A “Combe” is a valley that has be digged on top of a mountain and following its axis, dominated on each side by peaks. It is a particular shape of the Jura landscape.
  • La combe des Marais in morbier and la combe Sambine in Longchaumois  are very good examples

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