Atelier des savoir-faire


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The Atelier des savoir-faire is where craftsmanship is revealed!

Museum/Temporary exhibition: permanent part on local know-how with a focus on turning. Temporary exhibition different every year.

Turning demonstrations: smells of wood species, chips, shaping of objects... an experience that awakens our senses.

Junior workshops: creative workshops led by craftsmen (for 3-12 year olds).

Creative and technical courses: more than 50 different courses each year, related to crafts and arts (turning, styling, mosaic, stained glass...).

Know-how trail: a 3 km trail (loop) dotted with works by local craftsmen.

100% Jura shop: decorative objects, wooden articles, toys, jewellery (...).


  Min Max Information(s) complementaire(s)
Children's group rate 2.5 € -
Base rate - full rate adult 6 € -
Base rate - full rate adult 2.5 € -
Special rate 13 € -

Moyen de paiement : Credit card, Cheques and postal orders, Holiday vouchers, Cash

Dates and time

  • Day H.
    Monday Closed
    Tuesday From 13h30 at 18h00
    Wednesday From 13h30 at 18h00
    Thursday From 13h30 at 18h00
    Friday From 13h30 at 18h00
    Saturday From 13h30 at 18h00
    Sunday Closed
  • Closed

Fermeture hebdomadaire : Monday, Monday, Sunday, Sunday


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