Exposition temporaire 'jouons sportif' au musée du jouet


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This new temporary exhibition will be held until 02 January 2022. It will deal with the representation of values commonly attributed to sport (excellence, living together, etc.) through toys. Like the game and sport with which it is associated here, the toy proves to be an effective field of socialization. However, it can also be diverted and used to serve modes of thought.

Echoing the Youth Olympic Games organized in Lausanne in 2020, this exhibition is realized in partnership with the C3S laboratory "Culture, Sport, Health, Society" of the University of Franche-Comté. A "challenge course" for families will be the opportunity to make an original visit. This museographic tour will be accompanied by new workshops, a guided tour of the permanent collections on sports toys, shows, meetings, conferences and debates.

Museum labelled "Musée de France", "Musée Joyeux" and "Tourisme et handicap" (for the 4 handicaps)

Dates and time

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5 Rue du Murgin

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