Musée de l'Abbaye - Exposition Gustave Courbet : L'école de la nature

Saint-Claude | From 08 Jan To 31 Dec

Musée de l'Abbaye - Exhibition Gustave Courbet: The School of Nature

From Wednesday 21 October to Friday 31 December, at the Abbey Museum, in Saint-Claude

Hiker, walker, hunter, painter... Gustave Courbet made his own what the art critic Jules Antoine Castagnary (1830 - 1888) called "the school of nature" by ardently defending the realism that he embodied. This is also the title of this exhibition, which explores the naturalistic themes of the Master of Ornans, which were taken up and perpetuated by his friends and collaborators, embodying, for some, a Comtois school of painting.

Several sections in the exhibition allow us to apprehend the pictorial subjects dear to Courbet, inherited from the empirical and sensual contact he had with nature: "The school of nature" presents paintings from his youth when he was familiarizing himself with painting outdoors with his first teacher, "Père Beau" in Ornans, "The springs and waterfalls" explore the theme of water repeatedly represented in his paintings: from the omnipresent source of the Loue, to its discovery from 1841 onwards, the maritime landscapes, "The animal representations" associate imposing hunting scenes with a primordial nature where the place of the animals is central "The minerality of the landscapes" is the result of a precise, almost documentary observation, which Courbet transcribes in his paintings: the rocky folds of the cliffs, the rock outcrops, or the limestone collapses typical of the Franc-Comtois landscapes, "The Followers" evoke Courbet's friends and assistant painters when the latter created around 1872, in the latter part of his life, a collaborative studio near Ornans to respond to numerous commissions.

Opening hours
- from 1st September to 30th June: Wednesday to Sunday, from 2pm to 6pm / Closed on Monday and Tuesday
- from July 1st to August 31st : every day, from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm

NB: In order to make the most of your visit, we advise you to enter the museum at least 1h30 before closing time.

Health measures :
Wearing a mask is mandatory

Prices :
Full price: 6 €
Group (from 10 people): 5 € (for a group of 10 or more)
Children from 7 to 18 years old : 4 € (for children)
Family rate: 15 € (2 adults and at least one child)
Abbey Museum / Pipe and Diamond Museum pass: on sale on site and at the Tourist Office

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Musée de l'Abbaye
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