Regional products


Our cheeses are the main part of our area reputation. The cheese manufacturing in “fruitières” (cheese dairies) is a real transfer of know-how for many generations.


Carrefour RN5 – Les Marais – 39400 MORBIER - +33 3 84 33 59 39

Since 1998, the “fruitière de Morbier” manufactures and sells the famous vegetal choal line cheese which gives the village its big reputation. It is linked to the corporate dairy of Grande-Rivière. On the dairy’s first floor, a theme space explains the main steps of Morbier manufacturing.

You will also find other cheeses from “Franche Comté” and local products.


6 rue du Comté – 39400 LONCHAUMOIS + 33 3 84 60 62 52

Come to discover a traditional Jura milky production: Comté, Serra, Fromage Blanc, raw cream, butter…but also various different regional products! The Longchaumois dairy offers commented visits about the manufacturing of Comté every morning on reservation.


Salt meats: “Morteau” sausage, smoked and dry sausages, local salami that you will find in delis and dairies.

Jura wines: prepared in the vineyard area in between “Arbois” and “Lons-Le –Saunier”, the Jura wines are very characteristic and mostly used to go with traditional recipes, for example in the Jura cheese Fondue. “Vin Jaune”, “Vin de Paille”, “Macvin” for starter; Chardonnay and Savagnin as white wines, Poulsard and Trousseau as red wines and not to forget the sparkling “Crémant du Jura”!

Distilleries: In “Pontarlier”, you can visit the last distillery where the “Absinthe” is made as well as the local aperitif, the “Pontarlier” (also known as “Le Pont”)! In “Chapelle des Bois”, since 1888, the Michels’ Family is distilling the root of gentian to produce a local liquor with a very particular taste.

Smoked meat manufacture of “Papy Gaby”: this is the most impressive smoked drying manufacture of the “Haut Doubs” with a 18m high chimney. Keeper of the tradition, Gérad Marguet will reveal for you the secrets of salt meat