Via Ferrata de la Roche au Dade

The via ferrata is accessible on condition that you respect the conditions described in the opening decree, an extract of which you will find below:


"technical" extract from the opening decree:

ARTICLE 2: Access to the Via Ferrata is prohibited for minors unaccompanied by an adult capable of ensuring their physical safety.

ARTICLE 3: Via Ferrata routes are prohibited for any person not equipped with the following protective devices (this equipment must be standardized):

- a climbing harness

- a double lanyard, preferably Y, with shock absorber (attached to the harness by a strap or a quick link and not a safety carabiner)

- two safety carabiners with automatic locking on the lanyards

- a helmet suitable for climbing and / or mountaineering

- For zip lines, a double pulley adapted to the cables and connected to the harness by a short lanyard, long hair must be tied

- In addition to these devices, tying on a climbing rope is strongly recommended.

The progression must be done smoothly, no more than one person between each anchor point, and the maximum number indicated on the route must be respected for the passage of the bridges.

ARTICLE 4: The Via Ferrata route is prohibited:

- The night,

- In rainy weather,

- When the road is wet, snowy or icy,

- Under thunderstorms (permanent equipment being highly attractive for lightning),

- In the event of maintenance work

- When the signage in place prohibits access to the start of the course

ARTICLE 5: It is strictly forbidden to go down via the ascent route.

ARTICLE 6: Any route marking or beaconing - excluding that put in place or duly authorized by the contracting authority - is prohibited.


With its 70 m of zip line (ladders, monkey bridge and Nepalese bridge ...), the Via Ferrata de la Roche au Dade guarantees you 1 hour 30 to 2 hours of dizzying sensations for a final bouquet at 918 m altitude on the Morézien basin.

Three courses are available: fun, initial and an athletic variant for the more athletic:

- Initial or "classic" route: rated fairly difficult, it allows you to reach the Roche au Dade belvedere, the top of the via ferrata.

- Athletic variant: classified as difficult, the vertical start is physical, a rising zip line requiring towing on its second half allows you to join the classic course. (pulley on short lanyard compulsory for this course)

- Fun route: route remaining at the bottom of the via ferrata with a horizontal ladder, a Nepalese bridge and a long footbridge to reach the final 70-meter zip line (optional), route suitable for children.

The via is open access and free depending on weather conditions.

The site is prohibited for inexperienced people and minors unaccompanied by an experienced adult. Do not enter the via ferrata in stormy weather or at night.


Route Départementale 69
(sortie de Morez direction Saint-Claude)

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