High forests:

La forêt du Risoux(the “Risoux” forest) is emblematic and full of firs and spruces, viewpoints and shelters. It is on the edge of the Switzerland border and therefore you can find border stones along some paths, most of those being old smugglers trails. It is possible to discover most of this forest on a day hike thanks to a way marked trail.

“Le tour de la Chaux Mourant” follows the so named forest in between Morbier and Bellefontaine territories.

Our mountain is very rich in wildlife and flora and you can have a chance to see chamois or even lynx or capercaillie for the luckiest.

Foret du Risoux dans le bois

Foret bellefontaine Grand Tétras mâle

Zone APB Risoux

Zone APB Risoux Hiver