Lakes and peatbogs


The Haut Jura is full of small natural lakes, created by the glacial erosion. You could catch a glimpse of these lakes at the bend of a road, a path or a hiking trail. Haut Jura lakes are surrounded by humid environments in which you can notice a very specific vegetation called “Tourbière(peat bog). In Bellefontaine, you will be able to see theses particular specifications while hiking on the trails “Le Tour des Lacs” or “La Roche Bernard”.

Lakes of “Bellefontaine” and “Les Mortes”: protected “Natura 2000” site, surrounded by a peat bog with a Boreo-Artic vegetation.

Lake of “Les Rousses”: you can see the peat bog thanks to a duckboard path.

Lake of “Lamoura”: in its specific valley, you can go all around the lake with a theme trail.

lac bellefontaine


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