La Ligne des Hirondelles



The Hirondelles line crosses the Jura from north to south, from Dole to Saint-Claude.

Along its 123 km you will discover the variety of the Jura landscapes, as well as its viaducts and tunnels, works of art that are symbols of technical prowess and a true testimony to a human adventure from the beginning of the last century!

The fierce determination of the industrialists of the Haute-Jurassie not to remain isolated in the mountains gave rise to the project in the 1860s. In order to convince the government, a handful of men set about building the route themselves and contributed to its financing. The original route linking Andelot to La Cluse via Morez was finally inaugurated on 10 August 1912.

No less than 36 tunnels and 22 viaducts punctuate this line, allowing passengers to enjoy sumptuous and breathtaking landscapes from the Doloise plain to the Haut-Jura plateaus, passing through the foothills of the vineyards!

This line is now classified by the SNCF as one of its tourist trains and new ones with large windows have replaced the old railcars.

The tourist offices of Morez, Dole and Saint-Claude work together to set up tourist offers on this line throughout the year.

Organised and commented trips will allow you to fully appreciate your excursion in summer and winter.

Outside these periods, you can travel individually on the line, at the regular train times.



Morez <> Morbier

Guided walk between Morez and Morbier by Laurent Lalouette, mountain guide.

The return journey is made by train on the most impressive section of the line with its cliffside viaducts.

Discover the construction of the viaducts, the industrial history of Morez and the watchmaking industry in Morbier, the river Bienne, the fauna and flora of the Jura...

Bring walking shoes: 5 km, 180 m difference in altitude.

Prices: 15 €/adult - 10 €/child (4 to 12 years old) - Free - 4 years old

Next dates: every Tuesday of the summer holidays: from 7 June to 27 September 2022

Departure: 9.15 am - Haut-Jura Tourist Office - Place Jean Jaurès - 39400 MOREZ

Reservation required: Morez Tourist Office: 03 84 33 08 73 /

Departure minimum 10 pers. - maximum 25 people. Additional dates possible for groups on request.


Champagnole <> Morez

Discover one of the most beautiful sections of the Swallows' Line between Champagnole and Morez : viaducts on the side of cliffs, deep gorges...

Josiane Bertolini, a mountain guide, invites you on an extraordinary journey along one of the most beautiful railway lines in France. She will tell you about the history of this exceptional work of art, the heritage and the Jura landscapes that you will be able to admire.

In Morez, visits of the town and the spectacle museum are proposed. A tour to learn more about the know-how of the Morez valley.

Walk down to the town centre.
Free lunch (remember to bring your own picnic or reserve a restaurant).
Customised outing, adapted to your wishes.
Departure from Mouchard, Champagnole, Morez, Saint-Claude.
Accompanied by Josiane Bertolini, mountain guide.

Information and organisation: 06 70 06 94 91 -


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17 avenue Charles de Gaulle

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