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The Eyewear Museum
Located in Morez (Jura - Franche-Comté - France), birthplace of the global optics industry, the Eyewear Museum takes you on a tour of the history of glasses.

In 1796, frames were born from a single nail in Morez. Disciver how the people of the Haut Jura used their ingenuity and know-how to develop a whole new industrial sector, still recognized throughout the world for its creativity and quality.

Through our permanent exhibits, enter the world of French eyewear manufacturers and their colelctions, and discover how young designers are creating the glasses of the future.

The Eyewear Museum houses one of the most prestigious frame collections in the world. The Essilor - Pierre Marly collection consists of just under 2500 objects. Starting in the XIIIth , this collection will take you across continents and introduce you to exceptionnal pieces. Discover the lorgnette of Sarah Bernhardt, the glasses of Victoire de France (Louis XV's daughter), the famous slit frame sunglasses of the Courrèges fashion house and the refracting telescopes of the XVIIIth century explorers.

The Eyewear Museum will also hep you to understand the fonctioning of the eye, the organ of vision. With our entertaining exhibits, learn about the main eye disorders and try not to get fooled by our optical illusions.


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Other rate 5

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