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Fromagerie de Morbier - Fruitère Morbier - Grande Rivière


Fromagerie in the village of the famous eponymous "Morbier". "We are a cheese cooperative. We make Comté, Morbier, tomme and raclette" from fork to fork ". The milk comes from the cooperators who created the cheese factory. The cheese is matured on site, thanks to the know-how of our...


Tuyé du Papy Gaby


Set off to discover one of the most impressive tuyés in the Haut-Doubs region, where you'll learn about the various stages in making the famous smoked cheese and visit the drying room where the tuyé products (Cendrée, Morteau sausage, ham, etc.) are smoked. Inside the Tuyé, use all your senses...

GAEC Piet / Thouverez


Organic farming of Limousin and Charolais cattle. Operation with respect for the environment and animal welfare, certified organic since 2002 and Marque Valeur Parc (PNR du Haut-Jura). Direct sale located at the Farm.


Fruitière de Grande Rivière - Morbier


The shop offers Comté, Morbier, cream, butter, and various regional products (honey, wine, charcuterie...). Possibility to order by phone, shipping in all France. Distrifrais 24h/24h at the entrance of the store (works only with CB).


Distillerie Pierre Guy


Pierre Guy distillery is the last remaining small-scale, family-owned distillery in Pontarlier where four generations of distillers have succeeded one another since 1890. In 2007, the distillery was proud to receive the “Entreprise du patrimoine vivant” (Living heritage company) seal of...

Epicerie - Au Doux Panier


Find Aurélie and Agathe in their local shop: bread and pastries, regional products, fruit and vegetables, regional cheeses, regional charcuterie, press... but also a bookshop and souvenir corner for the great pleasure of visitors and locals.


Pisciculture Les Truites des Rivières


Jean-Luc and Sylvie Gillet and their team welcome you to the Pisciculture les Truites des Rivières. Are you looking for the "real" taste of simple products and contact with those who spare no effort to offer quality products? Throughout the year, you can discover and taste the products of the...


Fruitère de Longchaumois - Marcel Petite


The cheese factory dates from the end of the 18th century. It is near the center of the village. Discover a traditional Jura dairy production. "It is above all a story of men deeply attached to the values ​​of their land and to those of the Comté, the fruit of several centuries of...


Liqueurs et confitures - Philippe Bussod


Philippe offers you a wide range of extra jams made from wild fruits (quince, raspberries, blueberries, sloes...). You can also taste these home-made liqueurs made from fruit and fruit alcohol from the Haut-Doubs and organic sugar (orange, quince, fir tree, raspberry, lemon...). On the markets:...


Brasserie des Sapiens


Born in Lajoux, a little more than a year ago, the Sapiens brewery has gone down in altitude to settle in Saint-Claude! Since the beginning of autumn, it is here that our beers are born. Our beers: ZBLÜT - blonde, GRAOUMF - brown, BZZZ - honey, and very soon EUSS - ipa and BOUËL -...

SARL Fromagerie Morel


Processing of milk from the family farm into yoghurt and fromage blanc. We also sell Comté, Morbier, Raclette and other regional products, as well as products made on site. Product tasting on request.


De la Ruche au Pot


Pauline invites you to discover her craft workshop, where she creates utilitarian pottery, tableware and decorative objects. On request only, take part in private throwing lessons: discover the throwing technique by working stoneware on a potter's wheel (raw materials, tools and firings are...