What to visit in the surrending


Atelier des savoir-faire


The Atelier des savoir-faire is where craftsmanship is revealed! Museum/Temporary exhibition: permanent part on local know-how with a focus on turning. Temporary exhibition different every year. Turning demonstrations: smells of wood species, chips, shaping of objects... an experience that...


Maison du Comté


Maison du Comté, a fabulous sensory journey! In Poligny, the remarkable architecture of the Maison du Comté is a contemporary take on the traditional farm buildings of the Haut-Doubs and Haut-Jura regions. Its three distinct buildings, visible from the road to Lons, echo the three links in this...


Musée des Lapidaires


A discovery of a surprising and mysterious trade practiced by the men and women of the Haut-Jura since the 18th century. At first complementary to agriculture, this activity carried out on the farm then gave rise to the creation of specialised workshops. Today, a handful of lapidary craftsmen still...


Musée de la Boissellerie


The Musée de la Boissellerie team is delighted to announce its reopening following 18 months of renovation work. A new tour is on offer: a guided tour of "Uncle Arsène's workshops" and a scenovision show: "Dreams in Madeleine's house", an immersive show combining museum, theatre, history and...