La Maison de la Flore


Animaux Parking

This atypical site on nature, the environment, heritage and local know-how.

La Maison de la Flore invites you to discover:
> an exhibition of fresh plants
> a discovery trail in the shade of large native and exotic trees
> the discovery of a steephead valley typical of the Jura landscape and an opening onto the surrounding panorama
> an amazing collection of butterflies

In the exhibition and video rooms, regional peculiarities are present in a fun and educational way: the fortified attic, the tavaillons, activities related to water and the forest (mills, sawmills), industrial activities (factories glasses and meters).

At this time, you are also offered to attend demonstrations of old-fashioned metal eyeglass manufacturing.

New: an exhibition on beech is also to be discovered

Departing from the Maison de la Flore: continue your visit on the Moulins Piquands interpretation trail which will allow you to observe the local flora and fauna (in summer).

The abandonment of certain economic activities has recreated remarkable environments that are home to incredible flora and fauna. Interpretation panels line the route.

Course of 5.2 km

Guided tours of the Maison de la Flore every Tuesday at 2.30 p.m. Duration of the visit: 2 hours


  Min Max Information(s) complementaire(s)
Child rate 2 € -
Children's group rate 1.5 € -
Base rate - full rate adult 5 € -
Group rate 3 € -
Gratuities - -

Moyen de paiement : Cheques and postal orders, Cash


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